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Spray tanning or bed tanning ?

we have a big dance coming up in the next month for school %26amp;%26amp; i want to look tanner in my yellow dress ! my one friend is going to get a spray tan cause its hard for her to get tan . what are the chances of me looking orange when i get a spray tan ? ? or should i just stick with bed tanning because i tan pretty easily?Spray tanning or bed tanning ?
I would go to the tanning booth. With spray tan, you're taking a chance that you might turn orange. A tanning bed gives you good, even, natural looking color that lasts longer then a tanning bed. I don't tan really fast in the sun, but after going to the tanning booth 4 times i had really great color.

And lets face it, tanning beds aren't great for you, but neither is swimming out in the sun for 2 hours during the summer. Going to the tanning booth for a month will do little harm. Just don't make it an every day, year round routineSpray tanning or bed tanning ?
i would say go for the spray tan, but i have skin cancer from going to the tanning bed. spray tan is the safer of the two. if you do decide to go to the tanning bed, be sure to use tanning lotion that has spf in it. if you spray tan, exfoliate first.
i can honestly say i don't know what the chances are of you looking orange after a spray tan but i can tell you that you should do a spray tan because it is safer for you. the tanning bed are harmful and they can cause skin cancer so i think that you should go along with the spray tan to be safer
spray tanning is better trhan bed tanning as bed tanning can cause skin camcer but if you have a lot of dun you shoudl try and mak the most of it if you tan easily. spray tannign can makde you turn to orange

what i would actaully advise would be the graduall tanning cream such as johnsons nived dove etc all do these now

some people say they do not work but loadz of people that i know includin myself have used them and they work really well

basicall apply the cream like normal evrey night before you go to bed around 9 if you go asleep earler or later. the i the morning wash the area where you put the cream or if you put it over your body have a shower in the mornign insteda of in the night before applying the cream you should start to notice a tan within a week

if you tan easily though i woudl go for the darker option of the cream
Spray tanning is safer.
Neither, they both are unnatural, and unless you want to look like a barbie do neither.
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  • Where can I get spraying tan at? And make sure it's not too expensive? Plz help?

    For now I want to spray tan myself. But not sure where they have em. Pls help me outWhere can I get spraying tan at? And make sure it's not too expensive? Plz help?
    Fill your tub with warm water. Dump in a bunch of cheap black tea. When it gets very dark bathe in it.

    Spray tanning vs tanning bed?

    which is the better choice to get tan in ten days? :PSpray tanning vs tanning bed?
    have you seen Final Destination 3??

    i will NEVER use a tanning bed.

    i use lotion, its quicker and easier.

    the best kind i think is Jergens tan lotion, you put it on and in like an hour you can see the tan. but just wash your hands right after or they will turn orange other than that i've never had a problem with itSpray tanning vs tanning bed?
    personally, i would do neither. the sunbed damages your skin and spray tan often is orange. why don't you try a gradual self tanner like johnsons or just a decent fake tan like fake bake? exfoiliate and moisturise before you apply it so it's not streaky, do the same if you choose to get a spray tan:)
    well if your pale then your not going to get a goo tan from a tanning bed in ten days thats just not enough time bc u have to start out at 6-8 min an work you way up too 20 min or u will burn an it will be a waste of time an money. so in your case i would try to get s spray tan that will not turn you orange hope this helps
    id choose a spray tan any day you go and get it and the tan is there the next day and it still looks totally natural and its less damaging
    Spray tans su*k. They are uneven %26amp; turn you orange in spots. Check into airbrush tanning. Go the day before you need to go out. They are awesome %26amp; you choose your shade of darkness. They last about 7-10 days.
    Tanning bed, the spray tan can come out really messy.
    tanning bed, but you need to go more than once to change your color.

    Is it ok to use Spray Self Tanner while pregnant?

    I'm almost 10 weeks pregnant. :) Easter is coming up and I wanted to have a fresh glow this weekend for some of the parties, so I was wondering if anyone knows if it is ok to use spray, or any self tanner while you are pregnant? Thanks! :)

    If it is okay, can anyone recommend any good, specifically spray self tanners that won't streak? :)Is it ok to use Spray Self Tanner while pregnant?
    heck yeah put a glow on that preggers baby body:) long as your not inhaling it or using one with really harsh products ur good.Is it ok to use Spray Self Tanner while pregnant?
    It is okay to use self tanner!!!! Although, I would recommend using a lotion based formula. The chemicals used in the aerosol cans can be harmful. And the amount dispensed in the air when spray tanning is a lot. Unless you have a well ventilated area and someone to help spray you down it is not a good idea! Good luck

    Check out some of the self tanners at Avon on my website


    In two weeks we are coming out with a new gradual lotion based self tanner that smells amazing. It's made by mark and smells like watermelon and other enticing summer time fruits. I am addicted to self tanners and hate the smell. This you want to apply constantly just so you can smell it yourself. You can find it in the costa rica line!!!!!!! Enjoy=)
    Using a lotion would be fine, but I wouldnt use a spray, because there are chemicals.

    Spray tanning...? I need a good brand that doesn't turn you orange or smell bad!?

    Hey everyone. Well I'm really bad at tanning outside, like all I really get is a sunburn. It kinda runs in my family because I'm mostly Czech and Irish I think and soo yeah, we don't get a good tan very easily. Lol. And besides, I don't want to tan all day outside because I don't want skin cancer! So I want to get a good brand of spray tan in a can that doesn't turn me all orange or smell bad. And isn't too expensive. Please help!! Thanks.Spray tanning...? I need a good brand that doesn't turn you orange or smell bad!?
    Self Tanners -L'Oreal - Sublime Bronze Dejah on 6/29/2007 3:47:00 AM

    I have tried alot of sunless tanners. I am VERY pale and need alittle color in the summer. L'Oreal Sublime Bronze (tinted) tanning lotion (that's really more like a light gel) works wonderfully. It gives an instant glow that is not too shimmery. The color developes quick and if applied properly does not streak. People always think that I've been to a tanning bed. If that tells you anything about the color. The price is good , but over all I think worth it considering that I get a pretty glow and get rid of my Casper complexion for awhile.

    Very good :)


    Use a loofah sponge before using tanning lotion,it will help exfoliate. :)

    Have a gr8 day!Spray tanning...? I need a good brand that doesn't turn you orange or smell bad!?
    It probably will turn you orange because you lack the yellow undertone that most people have. They'll all smell a bit rusty because of the dihydroxyacetone, or DHA, in them. It's a carbohydrate, and the process of ';tanning'; is no different than when you cut an apple open and leave it exposed to air. It turns brown, and that's why (the proper term's the Maillard effect.)

    These tanners work better on people who are already a light-medium tone or darker anyway. My mother is full Irish, and lacks that yellow undertone. She always turns orange when she uses any self-tanner. As for me, my father was full Native American, so I have a light olive complexion. They work fine for me with no orange appearance.

    As for the moron who said it amounts to a chemical burn, that's a load of crap. Read what I said above, and crack a science book for once in your sorry life.
    Dove's tanning lotion works good. But if you want to get a spray tan that works AMAZING go to Sephora, they only have one kind, it comes in a bottle that you can refill and that you could also decipher which amount you want, so if u want a natural glow, no prob it works, doesn't make u orange either. Good LUCK!!!
    Don't have a direct answer for you. However, you are concerned about cancer from the sun, yet you want to subject yourself to what amounts to a chemical burn. Just a thought!!!!
    look if you can do the mistic tan do that 3 times in 2 weeks and that will last about a month at your tanning salon but jergins tanning lotion takes bout a week and it does not turn you orange that is what worked for me you have to apply about 2 times a day
    yeah. netragena is good. but all tanningg stuff turns you orange. and one huge tip is DONT GO SPRAY/MYSTIC TANNING. its a disasterrrr
    Not sure what Smells good to you, but the Jergens Natural Glow Lotion smells descent and works well. Apply it almost every day perhaps after a shower. You just have to make sure to rub it in good so it doesnt look streaky ( that doesnt usually happen unless you pile it on tho... lol i was desperate for a tan once and just gobbed it on hahah don't do that )

    Good Luck Hope it works for you if you try it.
    This summer Victoria's Secret has an alliance with Model Co. and they're letting us sell their new Spray Tan line. The first item they have is a Spray Tan that lasts 2-2 1/2 weeks and it has a Tan remover that you can buy to go along with it. You use it in the shower, just like a shower gel, but it's got little scrubbers in it that remove the tan. The second one they have is a bronzer, granted it only lasts a day, it looks very nice and gives off a little bit of shimmer...(NOT glitter...you don't want to look like a 12 year old)*

    A foot note on both of these products: they should ALWAYS be shaken up before you use them, and when you spray them, make sure you stand at least a foot away, so that you don't get blotches that look green or orange...yuck!

    Both of these products are very nice items to have this summer, and are probably the safest way to go....But above all they both smell great!

    Good luck

    Is it possible for me to tan without the sun or spray?

    Im pretty pale and I was wondering if I can tan without tanning beds or sprays or the sun. I am Irish so I have fair skin and I burn easily. I am also on Accutane which makes my skin more susceptible to being burned. Just wanted to know if there was anything out there like a food or something that could help darken my skin just a bit. O yeah I heard a lot about the tanning pills and I know most of them are a scam and can be very dangerous/toxic.Is it possible for me to tan without the sun or spray?
    There are lost of tanning creams you can buy.Is it possible for me to tan without the sun or spray?
    I would recommend any of the moisturizers that have slight amounts of tanning ingredients in them. If you use them as a daily moisturizer you will build up a nice natural looking tan.

    I recommend Jergens. They have a different kind for every skin tone. (Light/medium/dark)
    Just use Jergen's or Dove tanning lotion

    It's lotion that makes your skin darker within a week.

    You just have to make sure your skin is dry after a shower, and once you apply it, let it dry for a minute.

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    You are like the guy version of me haha. I would recommend the gradual tanning lotions they have. Try Jergens or Neutrogena.. it goes on like a daily moisturizer but each day, you'll get a little darker. Just be sure to follow directions and wash your hands after each application - you don't want to have orange hands!
    try bronzing lotion, it takes them about 3 days to go into effect, but they really do make u darker. When u feel u r tan enuf just skip putting in on for a couple days. be sure 2 wash ur hands afta putting it on so ur hands don't turn orange.
    At local drugtores and such as Rite Aide they have lotions they can help build a tan. They are very mild though. If you want a very nice even tan then go to a salon and pick up one of their lotions. I reccommend tripple X. It's very dark but builds a nice tan.
    you're on accutane. a word of advice: stay away from any methods with UV then. unless you want skin cancer down the road that is.

    Yeah just pray alot, then you`ll become a lovely oak colour after a couple of weeks.

    ffs, could have guessed you were Irish.
    ...No. Eat a lot of carrots, you'll turn a lovely shade of orange. ;]
    er... tanning makeup? lol i dunno.
    Uhm ya?


    how else would people get tan??

    Maybe....how big is your microwave?

    I used a sunless tanning spray last night please help!?

    I used the spray last night and this morning it looks awful, is there anyway I can get it off?I used a sunless tanning spray last night please help!?
    use an exfoliating bath wash and scrubI used a sunless tanning spray last night please help!?
    Use a rough sponge (like from bath %26amp; body works) and scrub. Don't be too rough on your skin. It won't all come off but it will lighten it some.

    Incase you are new to this, next time before you use it you should exfoliate well and do not use any kind of moisturizing lotion or body wash. I use my boyfriends bar soap since it is a bit drying. The tan will go on much more smooth this way. I use Neutrogena Micromist Tanning Sunless Spray. You don't rub it and it takes a few applications to get dark so since its gradual I never have a problem with streaks and such. Plus I can get my back.

    If you are fearful of sunless tanners now, and thats understandable, there is a sunless tanner that is wash off by Sexy Hair Concepts called Aero Tan. It's a spray but you do have to rub it in so you would need help with your back, however, you see where it goes and the color is nice. Plus, it doesn't have that weird sunless tanner smell...it smells good and has a shimmer. It completely washes off with water and some may rub off on your clothes...don't wear white!

    (however I did wear a white bra and the tanner came out in a regular wash)
    I hear rubbing lemon (or lime) juice will help reduce and strip off the tanning solution without damaging your skin.
    Lorael sublime bronze makes a self tanner remover, if you ask me it's the same thing as St. Ives Apricto scrub. Some people will tell you lemon juice but that won't work either. Really your best bet until it fades is to blend it with a cheap bronzing powder, try wet and wild, it's like a dollar and will help even things out. Putting on a lighter concealer will not work either. Trust me I'm the lord of self tanning lol. Good luck it should fade in a day or 2.
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